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6 Don Archer Digital Ceramic Tile Art [Edit]United StatesEmail
Source Don Archer City: New York Address: 110 Celia Tompkins Road Prattsville, NY 12468 Phone: 518 734 3882

7 Anne Hilkens (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramics
City: Bodegraven

8 Anneke Jansbeken (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramics
Source Anneke Jansbeken City: Dongen Address: Churchillstraat 21 Postcode: 5103TG Phone: 0162-318413

"Hand made ceramics mainly colorfull creations. Vases, figures and statues for inside and outside."

9 Anke van der Kwaak (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramicsWheeltrown raku ceramics.
Source Anke van der Kwaak City: Alphen aan den Rijn Address: Dennevlam 18 2403 HW Alphen aan den Rijn Postcode: 2403 HW

"Japan and its ancient crest designs are the inspirations of Anke van der Kwaak. Admire the well shaped pots with elegant lids during exhibitions, potter festivals as wel as on her website.The elements: earth, sky and water are clearly visible."

10 Arja Hoogstad (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramics
Source Arja Hoogstad City: Rotterdam Address: Zoutziedersstraat 75K Postcode: 3026 EK Phone: 010.4777230

11 Anima Roos (nl) [Edit]BelgiumCeramicsporselein
City: Mariakerke Address: Rodonkstraat 23 Postcode: 9030

12 Dany Gras [Edit]FranceCeramicsCeramics and Oil painting
Source Dany Gras City: Lorgues Address: Saint Ferréol 83510 Lorgues

"Ceramics sculptures representing some musician or pensive person, and also some very coloured paintings and drawings from a french artist."

13 Annelies te Nijenhuis (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramics
Source Annelies te Nijenhuis City: Enschede

14 Claudia Andreani ceramica (it) [Edit]ItalyCeramicsRaku
Source Claudia Andreani City: Umbertide Address: La bottega della ceramica" Via Stella , 29 Umbertide

"A process which starts with clay and through its transformation into simple and geometric shapes, interwoven and moulded together in such a way that clay always remains the main feature of each piece."

15 Bill Boyd Ceramics [Edit]CanadaEmailCeramicsCrystalline glazed ware.
Source Bill Boyd City: Galiano Island Address: Galiano Island, British Columbia

"High fired stoneware and porcelain bowls, vases, urns, and more."

NameCountryEmail addressTypeSpeciality
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